Service of Thanksgiving for Cumberland Infirmary and West Cumbria Hospitals: Carlisle Cathedral Monday 27th March 4pm-6pm

Since starting as Chaplain at Cumberland Infirmary in July 2016 I have been impressed by the hard work and dedication of staff and volunteers. It is not unusual for staff to stay on at the end of their shift because they are needed by patients. As for the many volunteers that give their time freely throughout the hospitals I can only reflect upon the chaplaincy team, many of whom have been volunteers for over twenty years, 2 have been faithful volunteers since the chaplaincy team was begun 32 years this June and others who have been Church visitors for even longer. Despite the bad publicity that the NHS often receives about waiting times and other sometimes serious short fallings this is a public service that we have much to give thanks for. The politicians may wrangle about closures and the public may quite rightly protest at the loss of services, but all I see is dedicated staff and volunteers doing their best under pressing circumstances. There are patients who are disgruntled with their treatment, and of course that gets in the press, but sadly this is not balanced by the people who tell me and the Chaplaincy volunteers, how wonderful staff have been and how grateful they are. As Christian’s surely we can raise our own prayers and voices in a heartfelt thank you for all those who work so hard on our behalf.

If you would like to attend the service of thanksgiving please join us to say thank you. Tea and coffee will be served at 4pm followed by the service at 5pm where Bishop James will speak and the choristers will sing.

Rev. Annie Gray, Chaplain Cumberland Infirmary